E Michelle Lee’s 3Deep Method 3X3X3=What? Saving Time & Money

3X3X3= What? 3Deep Method by E Michelle Lee

  1. Need a structure to stay focused?
  2. Tired of wasting endless hours?
  3. Want a method to follow that works every time?

3 Deep Works Every Time- Test it for a week- I”ll send you my bill in the morning.

I learned early on in business that the way to really build my business was to build long lasting relationships. Be genuine and grateful for their business. Treat  people with respect and stay connected.

3Deep Formula is: 3X3X3=What?.

Every week M-F 9:30 am-6:30 pm; I am either at my desk or on the go doing this consistently

3Deep for Business:

3 New Introductions X 3 Follow-Up Calls X 3 Thank You Notes (3per week)
= Meet 1 Customer

If you do that every day you have 3X5=15=5 New Customer’s to Meet 1oX3=30

Can you X3 =? How many times a day?

3Deep for Research

My research skills are solid with over 12yrs as a paralegal using the legal method IRAC (Issue; Research, Analysis, Conclusion) to search and report the best and authoritarian type of information for any given subject matter . While courts and judges now prefer using CRAC legal method (Conclusion, Research, Analysis, Cases) for legal purpose. My skills as a paralegal ensure that the information I provide is solid and always reliable. The IRAC method still works for me and my clients with the addition of my 3Deep Method.

We have so much to do as entrepreneurs and business owners; we don’t have time to waste and that is no secret. We have plenty of research and learning to do for our business and our selves. Without blowing too much time that MUST be used to serve our clients; you can learn and do all that you need to on a given day and without loosing valuable time by applying my 3Deep Formula 3X3X3 = What?

Ex: Google search 3Deep- (if it’s not on the first 3 pages then I need to change my search string).

Ex: When you are researching any subject matter you need to find 2 expert opinions on point, then find 1 more to agree it is a concluded concept= 3 expert opinions for your conclusion by the 3Deep formula

Ex: Say you need a new copier and you want to get the best buy possible. Get 3 quotes total from 1 of each sm-med-lg businesses.

3Deep for Personal: No secret on this one, MIND BODY SOUL

Time and time again you will hear me emphatically tell you, These 3 key areas of you, are the keys to success in all you do. If you don’t give the mind, body, and soul the proper attention; you will surely fail. Top Performers know that in order to fill the baskets of others and for their business; they themselves must keep a full basket at all times.

What do you think fills your basket?

Self Care, your health, teeth, eyes, skin, clothes, inspiration, motivation, rewards, accommodations, music with a purpose, exercise, sports, time with Family, and all the other things that makes you feel like you.

Use my 3 Deep Method for the 21 days that it takes to create a habit. Watch how your business grows while you spend time taking care of you and your family.

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