Tuffy says, “Adopt a pet Sunday” is a great time to visit Local Animal Shelters &Friends-

Local Animal Shelters need your help.                       Adopt a pet OR:

Tuffy The Poster Puppy-Adopt a Pet 2-Day Adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter on October 21, 2011

If you can’t adopt a pet; there are many more things that you can do and donate to your Animal Shelter.

Help stop Animal Cruelty and Neglect. GIVE:Time, Money, Blankets, Toys, Volunteer to walk a pet, yada yada –See how you can help. Link below

Learn more here if you are in Franklin County- Columbus Ohio area: Franklin County Animal Shelter OPEN ON SUNDAY’S


Tuffy the Poster Puppy Adoption Day 10-21-11

Tuffy the Adopt a Pet Sunday Poster Puppy 1st Tennis Ball


Tuffy the Adopt a Pet Sunday Poster Puppy is here encouraging people to help his friends at the local animal shelters. E Michelle Lee founder of the Exceptions host the campaign Every Sunday to help support Tuffy’s Mission to help other puppy’s like him. He came from a 7 Family Unit found by the good  folks down at the Franklin County Animal Shelter. Tuffy and four other brothers and sisters were found with Mom and Dad walking the streets of Columbus, Ohio looking for shelter and food. Amazing how they all stayed together during such a difficult time. All Family members have been adopted including Mom and Dad.

Wow, we humans could learn something from this?

Stay tuned for more of Tuffy’s story……

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