Professionals who have Fibromyalgia, Staying Focused and Motivated; Updates-Tips- Tricks

Fibro Pressure points xray vision

Photo retrieved from Web MD

What a revolution I had a few days ago when I discovered the 18 Trigger Points of Fibromyalgia.  It all made more sense to me.  The areas that I was having pain; the types of things my body naturally knew to do to compensate for the unbalance; the stretches I started doing that made me feel better; the places I wanted heat applied, the bath essential oils mixed with Epsom salt; all the things I’ve already been doing, made even more sense with this new insight and my findings. That’s the thing; this is an ongoing learning expenditure.  You know, some things in life don’t just come to us.  We have to go get them.  We have to strive, desire, and motivate ourselves to learn how to deal with things and overcome them so that we can get on with living life to the fullest. It’s your responsibility. Take charge of your own health.  Learn everything you can about YOU.

Sonia Nair’s article “Fibromyalgia Trigger points” published on the site provides definitions of these trigger points.  It is enough information, well put, that you will be able to conduct a little more research that is necessary to balance your own understanding of where the points are on your body.

Surround YOurself with motivation

STOP, here is a test about how well you “listen to your body”.  Before you go and look at the information, write down on a piece of paper; where your body hurts the most.  Not where it hurts sometimes. But, all the time.   Ok, keep reading.

There is stuff you can do, but only you can do it for you!

If you remember in my previous post with “Fibromyalgia; Updates-Tips-Tricks”,  we discussed getting to know your body. Learning how to “listen” to your body and understanding its movements and how they affect your pain.  We also learned that you have to educate yourself on these matters and review multiple sources out there while you try and define your pain and your solution to overcome.

As a professional I do not hold a license

May I remind you politely, I am by no means an expert on this subject.  I do not have any formal medical training or license.  Anything that is posted here: you read; you decide if it may or may not work for you.  If I provide references, resource links, and information that I myself am pondering with respect to this or any other subject in my post. By no means does that mean I endorse the person whom provided the original text.  It simply means, I found something, I reviewed it, I decided to try it, here’s what it did for me. And then I’m sweet enough to share it here, for free.  LOL,,

Since some of us are unclear about the current prescribed medications used for the treatment of the alleged disease known as Fibromyalgia; we seek out other treatments that may ease the “discomforts” (lol), of this new life pal we have been given.  Look in my previous post for Tips and Tricks to help you ease the pain.

WARNING: Anyone who suffers from Fibromyalgia knows one of our best defenses against this silent attacker, is: to do our best to ignore it, give it the silent treatment.

Meaning, you can’t sit around the living room when Aunt Betty comes over and just talk about all the pain you’re in from morning till the time you go to bed.  And then when Sue stops by in the afternoon, you wanna tell her too. NO,, STOP,, you are making your own pain worse.  Here’s a better way to spend your time and to help you avoid increasing your pain level.  Shoot, you may even end up decreasing your pain and being a little happier when spending time with family and friends.

Tip: Stay Motivated, Healthy and Fit. Pallavi, in his article “Fibromyalgia Diet”

at the website, gives some wonderful insight to your diet and habits (good and bad) that will either help or worsen your condition.  Check it out for yourself at:

Tip: Have you ever considered having a massage to relieve some of your pain associated with Fibromyalgia? 

Ask me what I use at home to get a massage

Oh my friend, how wonderful tis is,,, LOL  HOWEVER;  you will quickly learn that unless you are rather wealthy or at least have insurance that will defer the cost.  Getting weekly or even bi-weekly massages may not be as cost effective as other treatments,, but it sure does feeeeeeeeeellllll good.  Check out what Light Body Massage has to say about it at:

Tip:This is great—found it at take a look at the “8 things keeping you up at night”, (2010),,20306729_8,00.html

For more information on the visual display of Fibromyalgia visit the slideshow at WebMD’s web site:

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