FIBROMYALGIA- tips for professionals dealing with the pain, No Meds required

Professionals have Fibromyalgia Pain

Understanding Brings a Solution

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia years ago.  For a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me or why it seemed like my whole body hurt.  Nor did many doctors that I explained my symptoms to.  So, I stopped talking about it.  They would embarrass me or tell me my pain was not real.  So untrue. It was real and hopefully it won’t always feel this way.

While I do not take any of the prescribed drugs for this condition nor do I promote any of them either; I do like the commercial that Lyrica does that shows the red hot nerves in a frenzy when Fibromyalgia rears its ugly stems of pain.  You know the shot the shows what looks like a bunch of little tiny spider veins in a group area red hot.

Fibromyalgia cycle

Learn how it works so you can learn how to deal with it

That’s what I feel when I would lift my leg to climb a stair or I raise my hand over my head to pull the curtains back.  On and on and on.  The pain does not stop.  Every move you make; you feel it.  itty bitty cut; YOU FEEL IT like someone had taken a butcher knife and almost cut  your finger off. Well imagine that all over your body and that is what Fibromyalgia can feel like at times. Unless you learn how to overcome it to some degree like I have.

Fibromyalgia description

This only begins to tell the story-

Anyway, enough of what it is, we know what it is, so how do we live with it, treat it, deal with it?  No known cause, no real cure- plenty of pills and gimmicks that have life threatening side effects/risks.  I am not willing to pump my body full of one more gimmick.  So; I have used alternative things that I have learned from other people and by trial and error.

In Part II: FIBROMYALGIA- TIPS and Tricks to relieve pain and mental fatigue, No Meds required        Fribromyalgia tee shirt

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