What’s MIssing- Here Ladies?

Powder and Paint to make ya look like ya aint., Grandpa Warf

People Use All of the above products and more today. Photo By: E. Michelle Lee

Ok,  Ladies I need your help putting this list of resources for women in biz together.  I know the things I use from the time I get up in the morning till the time I go to bed. What are the products, industry specific: tools and materials, homemaker stay at home mom’s too.

Products          Services          Skills                 Tools of the Trade,,,

What ever you personally need to succeed all in a day’s time! LOL

What’s on your list’s? for:

  1. Then There’s that list I have of the things I need
  2. The list of things that will help me be healthy
  3. The list of services and products that will help me sell my Consulting and Coaching Services
  4. The list of things I wished I had but have yet to get

Did you get that Memo. You know the one that says, “You have to have money to make money” ; huh really,  who would’ve thunk it!    LOL (reality have some thick skin for business you’re gonna need it in this big ol World of Business.  You’ll see.)

The Resources Women Need to succeed

This list is way too short- just something cute to look at

Make a list of all the things, stuff, materials, office supplies, self health resources, graphic designer services,attorney, bookkeeper, CPA, training, biz cards, gas cards, and everything else under the sun that should be on a list of list for all the stuff Women need to be successful.

Individual Entrepreneurial Women Need Resources..

My list will be different than yours, for instance, when I wear the Sr. Paralegal hat I need access to Cases, Statues, Ordnances, and other legal research authorities. I use plenty of copy paper. My attire has to be, on most days a pressed suit with matching shoes, bag/ or mini-brief case. I need red legal size file folders, two hole punch, a heavy-duty 3hole punch, magnifying glass, …..

And that’s just off the top of my head, shootin from the hip here. Those are just some of the tangible items. The additional items for me to be at Top Performance level when I’m going to be working for an attorney would be: Continuing CLE’s to keep my skills sharp, membership with my local and state bar association, and a multitude of other items that all make up the best me that I can be when I am being a Sr. Paralegal.

resources are the tools whats in your shopping cart

What's in your shopping cart for Resources

Do you get where I’m going with this?  Great.

Send me your list. And sign up on my updates list to follow this fun study of: “What are the Resources Women Need To be successful”!


E Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules

One response to “What’s MIssing- Here Ladies?

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    E MIchelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules

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