Resource Alert— iF YOU EARN between $43k-$100k and you don’t have health insurance- You qualify for Free Prescriptions from MERK

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       Many professionals and small business owners can’t afford health insurance for themselves these days. Matter a fact, it has been a long time running problem for many individuals to have decent healthcare. Well, I did some research on:”how to get health care Resources when you don’t have insurance”. Here is what I found for people who use products made by Merk for asthma and other aliments.

This is really a great program to get your medicines


       Here we go, anyone out there need medicines for asthma and can’t get them.  Merck says they will provide them for free to qualified applicants. 

The qualified applicants range in income from $43K individuals to $100K up to 4 person+ family.


Hmmmm,, not bad.  Go check it out for yourself on their website.  In the left hand column click on Request Application. Print it, fill it out, Ask your Dr. to fill in the prescriptions for up to 3 different meds with 90 day supply and 3 refills for up to one year. You may renew for an additional year as long as your income continues to fall between the $43K individual to $100K up to  4 person+ family size. Um,, let’s hope not. Cus We’re gonna get through this learnin spurt”,

Smart Alert: Tell your doctor’s office to call the physician line so they can become a part of the Merk Prescription Assistance Program and help more of their patients who are suffering in this economy or just need a little extra help since they don’t have health insurance.

            The meds that Merk’s Prescription Assistant program provides are used frequently by CEO’s, Small Biz Owners, Women entrepreneurials …… and they are very costly without health insurance! Go online complete the process. Very simple; fax it in when your done with signatures. And they will ship the meds right to your door.




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One response to “Resource Alert— iF YOU EARN between $43k-$100k and you don’t have health insurance- You qualify for Free Prescriptions from MERK

  1. If you decide to apply for the Merk prescription. Plesae send me a heads up in email at It would be nice if MERK could help Exceptions Support the Community with every application that is filed and approved? We need community support for the services we provide. Please Donate To The Exceptions To The Rules, thank you.

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