The Exceptions To The Rules- Here to connect you to the resources you need.

Our Mission:
The Exceptions To The Rules Method is designed to assist those who struggle with a variety of issues, ranging from lack of resources to finding financial assistance for business start ups, economic development, and continued education.

We will create an atmosphere where people can learn about resources that are available to them as well as learn from each other.  This program will serve as a means of support to those who are willing to become and elite group of citizens striving to set and meet goals within their own lives and become leaders in the lives of others in their own communities.  We promote community involvement that will generate revenues in an environment that is safe and nurturing for our families and children  for the future.

Our Vision Value
We value PEOPLE

We will help enough people get what they need internally and externally  to  grow in their personal lives as well as in their business and professional lives. 

"Shop Here For the Exceptions

Exceptions Know where to get the Resources they need

We create prosperous and economically stable communities for our future.

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