#WalkToCureFMOHio UPDATES for May 18th Walk/Run at Wolfe Park

8X11 WalkTo Cure FM-OHio Card w- Registration 3-10-14 FRONT

Please continue to spread the word about the #WalkToCureFMOHio   May 18th- Wolfe Park , tell folks about it, tell it to local newspapers, TV reporters, businesses who may want to have a booth at the race, sponsors who just want to do some good and help out, people who will walk/run 1k- 5k, Share this pic on your wall and other social media sites. When we work together to bring awareness to #FM #Fibro #Fibromyalgia When We bring #Awareness   – we help each other overcome our #Pain
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Vendors Wanted:”Walk To Cure FM-OHio” (Fibromyalgia) May 18th-2014 at Wolfe Park-Columbus, Ohio-

Vendors wanted 3-24-14Vendors Wanted: Contact E. Michelle @ 614-306-3794 or via email Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.com “Walk To Cure FM-OHio” May 18th-2014 at Wolfe Park-Columbus, Ohio- VENDORS Market- OPEN APPLICATION Register Now space is limited . If you plan on being a Vendor at this Event please submit your application as soon as possible. IF you know someone who would make a great Vendor; please give them our contact info. See below for more details or to request the Walk To Cure FM-OHio Vendor Application click here and link to the Official Walk Webpage http://exceptionstotherules.wordpress.com/fibromyalgia-2014-walkrun/vendors/
Products and Services that make you smile, health care provider, fibromyalgia chronic pain specialist, massage therapist, fitness specialist, nutritionist, counselor, Jewelry, retail, Music CD’s, clothing, perfumes, beauty care, motivational life coach, business owner, or provider of some type of service or product that could help someone who deals with constant pain? I am looking for #vendors for the 2014 Walk To Cure FM-Ohio (Fibromyalgia) on May 18th in #Columbus, #Ohio at Wolfe Park !

If you are looking for vendor opportunities to grow your business email me now for details! Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.com or complete the form to receive your vendor application for the Walk To Cure FM-OHio 2014 May 18 at Wolfe Park8X11 WalkTo Cure FM-OHio Card w- Registration 3-10-14 FRONT

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine guest On the #EMichelleLeeShow Hobby Lobby Case Exposes Religious Liberty At Stake-

4-2-14  E Michelle Lee Show- Hobby Lobby Case









Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine guest On the #EMichelleLeeShow Tomorrow 12-2PM EST to discuss where Ohio is in all of this debate.  Hobby Lobby Case exposes how Religious Freedom is at Stake in America-

Remember our Lunch-N-Learn 12:30 PM EST ½ hour Segment (What did our Founders say about, “This week’s topic- When do you have to check your Religion at the Door in America?”)

LIVE show be a caller 877-932-9766

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Press Release: 3-28-14 Ohio Senate CR23 ( #Fibromyalgia ) scheduled for first hearing in the Ohio House of Reps

Quick Press Release: 3-28-14

PR Logo 2-21-14E. Michelle Lee, talk radio show host on Talktainmentradio.com and an advocate and sufferer of #Fibromyalgia reports that Ohio Senate CR23 has been scheduled for its first hearing in the Ohio House of Reps Health and Aging Committee, Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 9:30am in ROOM: Statehouse 116.

In anticipation of the upcoming Walk To Cure FM-OHio Ms. Lee hopes that all necessary hearings will be completed and ready for presentation at the Awards Ceremony to be held directly after the 1k/5K walk/run, being held at Wolfe Park in Columbus, Ohio on May 18th, 2014. For more details about the Signature Walk Selection by the NFMCPA “Walk To Cure FM-OHio” please visit the official Walk Page at http://www.PRWithAPurpose.com registration information online/in print can be found on the site (drop down menu) as well as sponsor/donation/fundraising information to help support the largest collective effort bringing awareness for those suffering in pain from the silent disease #FM.

Please see the attached Committee Notice for more details on the legislative efforts on behalf of Fibromyalgia in Ohio.

Please read the 3-17-14 Press Release for more details about the Walk To Cure FM-Ohio walk/run.

Feel free to visit our You Tube Videos for some exciting news and encouragement “Silent Tears NO-more” Song release coming soon on iTunes.

RACE HOTLINE: 614-306-3794

PRESS RELEASE- Col, OH May 18th 2014 , 1K Fun Walk 5K Run at Wolfe Park, help raise awareness for #WalkToCureFMOH #Fibromyalgia

Walk To Cure FM-OH Front Side 3-3-14FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Date:  March 20, 2014

Ohio, Selected by the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA) to host 1st of its kind Signature Walk To Cure FM–1k Fun Walk 5K Run May 18, 2014 at Wolfe Park COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 7,2014) Local talk show radio host on Talktainmentradio, E. Michelle Lee, has been selected by the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA)  to host the first of its kind , Signature Walk of the Year, for fibromyalgia awareness, on Sunday,  May 18, 2014, at Wolfe Park, Columbus, Ohio.  In 2013, Ms. Lee received, from the City of Columbus, a proclamation sponsored by Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson declaring May 12th, as the same day to be recognized in Columbus, OH as it is nationwide.  Efforts for the upcoming Walk To Cure FM-Ohio 2014, has Ms. Lee patiently waiting for SCR23 to hit the docket in the Ohio House as it has already passed, 30-0, in the Ohio Senate with the support of the Sponsor, Senator Burke and Co-Sponsor Senator Cafaro, who have been working with her.  Lee said that” it is with these types of legislative and community gatherings that we are able to help bring more awareness to FM.” Like the candle light vigil we are planning at the Ohio State House, the health & wellness exhibit at the race, or the  Free Pool Party, the day before the race , at Victory Fitness Centers east location, where Lee is now a certified ESA instructor of an aqua full body workout especially designed for FM and chronic pain sufferers by Lee for pain relief. Ms. Lee said,”  It is our hope to get enough attention to the need for more education and research for: doctors, patients, and communities in this unrecognized patient population of 10 million+ who suffer with this debilitating, silent disease; fibromyalgia.”

Walk To Cure FM-OHio gates open at 12PM with Ultrafit-USA racing company at the start line.  Online Registration is now open and will be open through the day of the race; walk-ins are welcome for this Fibromyalgia Fundraiser.  It will be a day of awareness filled with activities, education, inspiration, a walk, a run, brunch awards ceremony, celebrity entertainment, door prizes, raffles, tee-shirts, and more for FM Awareness 2014.  This event, was founded by the NFMCPA, it will kick-off with the local twist/theme Silent Tears NO-more created by E Michelle Lee, Host of the Ohio Walk/run, and a long time sufferer of fibromyalgia who will locally produce the event of the year for the FM Community nationwide. Noting that the theme title has now become a song title that will be performed by two celebrity artist to help raise funds for FM when its released on iTunes.  Lee said that, “as the annual Walk To Cure FM-OHio grows she will be able to utilize more and more local vendors to widen the activities to serve men, women, and children as FM affects both genders and does not discriminate against age.

Mrs. Ronnie Terry, wife of R&B Icon Tony Terry, a sufferer of fibromyalgia will be the keynote speaker and Columbus’s very own teen-talent Miss. Sydney Arterbridge, American Idol season 13 Hollywood Week Winner will be providing the entertainment.  Jan Chambers, President & Founder of NFMCPA, will be traveling from out-of-state, as many other out-of-state volunteers, walkers, runners, and doctors specialized with FM and chronic pain, will be joining her to guest speak at the event and provide long overdue and much-needed education for all those who attend.   Local Publicist E. Michelle Lee has set up a website for the #WalkToCureFMOH at www.PRWithAPurpose.com and a GoFundME.com account to help cover the cost of the race and with hopes to get donations for continued research and education for those who suffer daily with the silent beast, as she calls it; fibromyalgia.


For media inquiries and Sponsor/Donner/Participant, please contact E. Michelle Lee at Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.com or via telephone 614-306-3794

 For More Details visit Official Walk Webpage www.PRWithAPurpose.com

Join the Event on Face Book for real-time updates and follow us on twitter @PRWithAPurpose

Mary McDonough (Erin Walton from hit series “the Waltons”) coming up on the ‪#‎EMichelleLeeShow

3-12-14 Mary McDonough Erin WaltonMary McDonough (Erin Walton from hit series “the Waltons”) coming up on the ‪#‎EMichelleLeeShow‬ Wednesday, March 12th, in the 1:00 PM EST hour- Mary talks about her NEW Book”Lessons From The Mountain-what I learned from Erin Walton”, life growing up with the ‪#‎Waltons‬ , her battle with ‪#‎Fibromyalgia‬ and more. Tune in, call in with a question for Mary during the show-877-932-9766

“I can’t wait to read my Walton sister Mary McDonough’s memoir! Her intelligence, wit and insight guarantee that she will tell her story and ours in a moving and delightful way. Also, her status as a successful child performer qualifies her on the fascinating subject of children in show business.”–Richard Thomas (John Boy Walton)

“Mary has had the courage to face her fears and pain, and consequently is living a richer, fuller life. That’s Mary, full of life!”–Michael Learned (Olivia “Mama” Walton)

“Waltons fans will treasure an opportunity to see the woman behind the pretty face of one of their favorite family members, and even non-Waltons watchers will cheer her perseverance.”–Judy Norton (Mary Ellen Walton)

“Mary went on a personal odyssey and self-discovery that took her through very turbulent times. I have kept in contact with my ‘little sister’ over the years and she always seems to impress me. On a personal side, I like the ‘child stars gone good’ story that so many of us are, and Mary is one of my oldest and dearest friends.”–Eric Scott (Ben Walton)

“She’s a radiant woman whose truth comes from within…if I had to pick one word that described Mary Beth, it would be resilience.”–Earl Hamner (Creator of The Waltons)

Tune in, call in to the #EMichelleLeeShow on Talktainmentradio.com with a question for Mary during the show-877-932-9766 (3-12-14 1:00PM- Mary’s Interview)

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PRESS RELEASE 3-3-14 #WalkToCureFMOHio Volunteer’s Rewards

Columbus, Ohio Radio Talk Show Host, E. Michelle Lee, Publicist @PRWithAPurpose , host of the Columbus, Ohio  Walk To Cure FM-OHio released a statement today that the promotions team is running a contest to reward anyone who volunteers for the Walk helping  in any kind  of way.  Depending on the item completed; #FibroBucks will be awarded in addition to obtaining a seat at the awards ceremony directly following the Walk To Cure FM-OHio,where: commendations will be shared, prizes will be awarded, and all participants, vendors, sponsors, walkers, runners, guest, artist, speakers, and host will share a light brunch. All Volunteers will have the chance for several key recognition of their work for people with #FMS Join the EVENT on FB at PR With A Purpose, follow on Twitter @PRWithAPurpose. Register for the Walk To Cure FM- Ohio

For more information about the #WalkToCureFMOH May 18th, 2014 at Wolfe Park in Columbus, Ohio; please contact publicist, E. Michelle Lee at 614-306-3794 or via email Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.comFibro Bucks-v2

Walk To Cure FM-OH Front Side 3-3-14Walk to cure FM-OH Back Side of Card 3-3-14